Roosevelt Road Specialty and its MGAs are committed to risk mitigation and claims management. Through our third-party claims administrators, we strive to provide an unbiased claims process that ensures you receive a fair settlement with unparalleled support.

To report a claim, simply review the claims information below, and contact the appropriate program:

MGA/ProgramClaims AdministratorEmail AddressPhone
Tradesman Program Managers – GL / XSGallagher Bassettclaims@tradesmanprogram.com833-432-1120
Tradesman Program Managers – AutoNetwork Adjusters,
Tradesman Program Managers – Workers' CompensationGallagher Bassettwcclaims@tradesmanprogram.com332-345-3284
CareAgentsGallagher Bassettclaims@kbcareagents.com332-345-3745
Renaissance SpecialtyGallagher Bassettclaims@renspecialty.com917-765-7969
RISEGallagher Bassettriseclaims@tradesmanprogram.com917-765-7969

Instructions / Notes:

To expedite your claims quickly and efficiently, please have the following information readily available.

This is a general listing for your quick reference. Additional information may be requested.



Expert Legal Support

Roosevelt Road employs several in-house attorneys to navigate the legal landscape in each state.

Combatting Fraud Head-On

In today’s world, fraud has become a growing concern to our client base and that leads to higher premiums. Our role is to protect our client base from fraudulent claims.  We have a unique specialized Special Investigative Plus Unit (SIU+). Unlike  most insurance carriers that have smaller SIU units, ours is comprised of seasoned lawyers who possess an expertise in uncovering fraud.  We will seek criminal prosecution against anyone who perpetrates the fraud against our clients.  With this specialized expertise, we protect our client’s assets and only settle legitimate claims.

Proactive Claim Management

Early reporting is imperative to ensure the success of our client’s financial interests. Early investigations allow us to investigate claims immediately.  Delays in reporting can be very detrimental to case management.  It is well documented that delays in reporting are directly linked to larger settlements and verdicts.  We offer claim reviews with our clients to ensure that they are involved in the claim process. Whether we underwrite your workers’ compensation or not, we are proactive for you and will assist in investigating claims made against you.   It is essential that you report all WC claims to us at the same time you report your workers compensation losses. This provides us with the opportunity to timely screen and investigate any potential 3rd party claims against you.   Our  SIU+ services will investigate any fraud within your workers’ compensation claims.  

Personalized Claim Oversight

We assign a dedicated Claim Professional Oversight Manager to each insured client who will oversee any claim made against you and provide you with the comfort knowing that you are not alone in the claim process and that you can run your business knowing that you have the very best claim team protecting your interests.