Our Specialties

Roosevelt Road Specialty support several MGAs that serve their respective insureds through licensed and appointed agents and brokers. These include building trades, property management, assisted living facilities, arenas, stadiums and entertainment venues.

Our Underwriting Business

Roosevelt Road Specialty is pleased to provide our appointed agents and brokers with access to these specialty MGA underwriting platforms:

Tradesman Program Managers

Building & Construction

A market-leading insurance solution for the industry’s best trade contractors, Tradesman Program Managers specializes in large, metropolitan contractors, electricians, HVAC installers, carpenters, and masons who need general and excess liability with hands-on risk services.


Care Agents

Senior Living

CareAgents by K&B is a leading insurance solution for senior living facilities. We design customized coverage plans with intrinsic value for our adult day care, nursing home, hospice, home health care and independent and assisted living facilities clients.


Renaissance Specialty Insurance

Sports, Leisure & Entertainment

The sports and entertainment industry faces unique challenges that require an innovative underwriting team and A-rated carrier partnerships. Renaissance Specialty Insurance has more than 20 years of experience in protecting major arenas, stadiums and entertainment venues with the right coverage at the best rate. LEARN MORE 

RISE Habitational

Habitational Real Estate

RISE insures owners, developers and property managers of apartments, condos, and other real estate properties through agents and brokers. RISE has the tools to weather the constant change and evolving risks and liabilities associated with property management work.


Roosevelt Road Reinsurance

Our Reinsurance

An independent and consistently profitable reinsurance company domiciled in Bermuda, Roosevelt Road Re underwrites a diversified portfolio of niche casualty lines of business with a team of well-known market experts that can navigate the unpredictable reinsurance market.

The goal? To create a more diversified, balanced and profitable reinsurance portfolio to underwrite coverage for Roosevelt Road Specialty as well as select third-party risk bearing programs.