As a member of Roosevelt Road Capital Partners (“RRCP”), Roosevelt Road Specialty’s MGA business units have access to inhouse reinsurance through Roosevelt Road Re.

Roosevelt Road RE

About Roosevelt Road Re

Roosevelt Road Re (“RRRe”) underwrites books of business independently from Roosevelt Road Specialty and may serve as a primary or secondary reinsurer, or a reinsurance intermediary depending upon the opportunity. RRRe has a team of well-known industry specialists that can effectively manage the current reinsurance market.

While RRRe works with Roosevelt Road Specialty, they also work outside the Roosevelt Road enterprise on large corporate risks and books of business through broker and advisor distribution channels.

Experience in a Challenging Market Place

As a fully-funded, risk-taking participant, RRRe provides a unique perspective that offer confidence to primary insurers and a network of reinsurance entities to take part in the insurance on Roosevelt Road Specialty’s industry programs. This is an unique advantage over other insurance programs.